Cloud Computing

When you need instant access to flexible IT resources such as servers, storage, database, and many more, you can't rely on procuring them in a traditional way (that is, buying the hardware and setting them up) any more. Cloud computing is the term used to describe on-demand delivery of IT resources via the Internet.

We have teamed up with the leading Cloud providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Windows Azure to help you design solutions that support your dynamic business.

Why should you use Cloud Computing?

No Upfront Investment.

Replace upfront infrastructure investment with low monthly costs.

Flexible and Pay just for what you have used.

Cloud Computing lets you consume and pay only the resources that you need, on-demand. Eliminate guessing on your infrastructure capacity needs.


Deploy resources in minutes. You do not need to wait for purchases or hardware delivery anymore.

Highly Available without the high costs.

Cloud Computing delivers a very high level of SLA (99.95% and up). Need even higher availability? You can design your Cloud Infrastructure for high redundancy and deploy be up and running in minutes.