Business-driven IT solutions

At Progrez, we understand business. We always take business needs into account when we design our solutions. With full support from dedicated and experienced team of management consultants working closely with the IT implementation team, we provide solutions that benefit the whole company, not just the IT division.

Management consulting

Progrez was started back in 1992 as part of Aims Consultants. As part of a management consulting company, we saw the emerging needs of using information technology as a tool to help manage businesses and organizations.

The growth of the Information Era

Information Technology has grown wildly and is still growing, and Progrez believes in technology helping organizations improve.

During the course of our involvements in the markets, we felt that IT was beginning to become not only a tool, but an integral part of our lives and work. We then started offering services to help organizations keep up with the amazing pace of technological advances. Products and services that we started to offer include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Document Control System (DCS).

Focusing on what matters

Progrez focus on what matters in applying information technology to your organizations.

Since we felt that IT has become a crucial part of any organization, there was a need to put IT on our spotlight. Thus in 2007 Progrez was born with a mission to help organizations use technology to achieve their goals while Aims continues to focus on providing leading management solutions. We took our experience in management and combined it with fresh and innovative ideas to get a unique blend of solutions.

Expanding our horizons (and services)

In a short matter of time, we keep up with the pace of technology and put ourselves ahead. We formed new partnerships with companies that offer innovative products and constantly changing the rules of the game, which match our vision perfectly. With Business Intelligence, Collaboration, Virtualization, and Cloud Services added to our portfolio, as well as refreshing our more established services, we might have just the solution for you to get ahead alongside technology.

The team is our family

We call everyone here at Progrez family. No matter which position you are in, no matter what your background is, we are one family. As we are a family working together, we simply do not believe in old-fashioned hierarchy. Everyone has the right to voice their honest constructive opinions, and everyone must be able to accept constructive feedback from the other members.