Progrez is a team of experienced and certified Atlassian professionals with proven expertise in ITSM, DevOps and Agile Practice who can assist you in your quest to use Atlassian products to their maximum potential.

Our Gold Atlassian Solution Partner recognition tells part of the story, but we truly believe that Atlassian make great products, so we want to make sure that everyone feels the same.

Atlassian Cloud

Move faster, improve ROI, and invest more in your core business with cloud.
Future-proof your business

Access to continuous innovation across new features, integrations, and extensibility that ensures everyone - admins and end-users alike - gets the latest capabilities to ship with speed and quality.

Increase team productivity

Say goodbye to downtime maintenance and infrastructure headaches with enterprise-grade security, compliance, and governance out of the box. Freeing your admins to focus on strategic business priorities.

Deliver value - faster

Pivot and accelerate business decisions to improve your speed to market. Instantly onboard teams, departments, or geos onto cloud without wasting time. Move work forward from anywhere, on any device.

Moving to the Cloud is an Investment for Your Future

When considering moving to the Cloud, subscription price is only part of the cost-benefit equation. While the subscription cost of cloud may be higher, the benefits from operational cost savings can be huge. From a total cost of ownership perspective, cloud brings savings for many enterprises since it can help eliminate some of your costs such as IT overhead, maintenance, and hardware, and you’re no longer responsible for many of the costs associated with hosting and operating on-premise Atlassian products.

Compared to a typical Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a self-managed Atlassian instance, Atlassian Cloud offers a huge cost advantage and simplicity

Our Atlassian Cloud Services

Custom Configurations

Do you have a complex process that needs to be mapped to Jira? Or perhaps some automation and integration to your other systems? We've got you covered.

Cloud readiness assessment

Making sure that your organization is ready to start on Cloud or migrate to Cloud is an important yet often overlooked step. We can help make sure that you are ready for Atlassian Cloud and make your journey much smoother.


Atlassian Cloud is designed to be agile, so your organization also needs to keep up. Optimizing your Atlassian Cloud's utilization is a continuous process that we can help you maintain.


Are you moving your Atlassian products from on-premise to Cloud? With our expertise and experience, we can ensure your move is completed smoothly.


If you prefer to enrich your team to be more independent in managing your Atlassian products, you bet we can help, too.